Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service — How to Provision a Network Founder Instance

Juarez Junior
4 min readOct 18, 2018
Hyperledger — Network Founder

by Juarez Junior


In Hyperledger, we have two core roles — the Network Founder and the Participant Organizations. The network founder is the owner of a given Blockchain network, also called the consortium network. The Founder's role controls the network topology composition and the participant organizations that will be able to join a given consortium.

The steps below are how you can provision the Blockchain Network Founder instance. As we move through the steps some other concepts and details will be explained and clarified.

So without further ado, let’s create our Oracle Blockchain Service, Network Founder instance.

Sign in to Oracle Cloud

Open the subscription notification email sent by Oracle. Typically, this email includes the subject line Welcome to Oracle Cloud;

Right-click the URL displayed in the My Services URL field and select Open in the new tab;

Copy the user name displayed in the Username field and then paste it into the User Name field;

Copy the password displayed in the Temporary Password field and then paste it into the Password field;

Click Sign In.

Login page

If this is your first time accessing Oracle Cloud, create a new password and provide challenge questions to verify your access credentials. Click Submit after you have created your password and provided your challenge questions;

Click Continue, and a welcome dialog appears.

Welcome page

From the main screen, select the hamburger user interface component at the top right corner of your screen (the one inside the red square below). You will see the right side actions bar with the Dashboard option as the default, selected menu option.

Dashboard and Services

Click on Services and scroll down until you see the Autonomous Blockchain menu list option and then select it.

Blockchain Cloud Service

You will see the Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service page with the instances list (it’s still empty, no Blockchain instances yet).

Create Instance button

Now click the Create Instance button as shown above and the instance creation page will appear below where you need to input the Network Founder instance details.

Network Founder instance details

Go ahead to provide the required instance details, an example is below:

  • Instance Name: bcsnet
  • Notification Email: <your_email_address>

Select the Create a new Network checkbox, as this instance is the one allocated to a Network Founder.

In the Configuration combo box, select the Developer option in the options list.

Keep the number of peers as 2 as it might suffice for your development purposes. Click the Next button. On the next screen, then click the Confirm button.

Confirm button

The instance provisioning will start and it will take just a few minutes. The status will be shown below during the instance provisioning time.

Network Founder instance — provisioning in progress

Wrapping up

That’s it! After the completion, we’ll have just one instance so it’s still not possible to configure a network as we need at least two instances in order to configure a Blockchain consortium in Hyperledger.

In the next blog post, we’ll provide the steps to provision the first Participant Organization so that we can start our network configuration after that.

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