Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud Service (ADW), Part 4: Create a Project with Oracle Machine Learning

Juarez Junior
2 min readMar 1, 2019
Oracle Autonomous Database

by Juarez Junior


This is the fourth post in a series, where I explain the summarized steps that show how to use the Oracle Autonomous databases, with a special focus on tools and Machine Learning.

This post explains how to create and Project (and use a Workspace) in Oracle Machine Learning.

So without further ado, it’s time to perform the procedures.

Create a Project with Oracle Machine Learning

First, access your web console for Oracle Machine Learning in Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW).

Oracle Machine Learning

As explained in my previous blog post and as you can see above, there are several Quick Actions that can be performed.

Select the item at the right top-level area of your screen, then select New Project…

Workspace actions combo box

Then select New Project…

New Project — context menu option

The popup below appears. Provide a name and comments for your project. There’s a way to select a different Workspace, in case you have a previous, existing one. Otherwise, the default option is a good one.

Click the OK button. The project will be created under your current Workspace with the name SalesProjectQ3. That’s it!

SalesProjectQ3 — example project

Wrap up

The next blog post will show how to start with the really interesting things in Machine Learning — the possibility of using Notebooks! Stay tuned!

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