How to Publish Azure Static Web Apps with Azure DevOps

Juarez Junior
6 min readMar 21, 2022
Azure Static Web Apps

by Juarez Junior

Azure Static Web Apps publishes a website by building an app from a code repository.

In this quick-start, you deploy an application to Azure Static Web apps using Azure DevOps.


  • Active Azure account: If you don’t have one, you can create an account for free.
  • Azure DevOps project: If you don’t have one, you can create a project for free.
  • Azure DevOps includes Azure Pipelines. If you need help getting started with Azure Pipelines, see Create your first pipeline.
  • The Static Web App Pipeline Task currently only works on Linux machines. When running the pipeline mentioned below, please ensure it is running on a Linux VM.

Create a static web app in an Azure DevOps

Access Azure DevOps -

On the right-hand side, under Basic Plan, click the Start Free button.

Azure DevOps -> Basic Plan -> Start free

Create your Azure DevOps organization. Click the Continue button.

Azure DevOps -> Create your org -> Continue

A progress indicator will appear and show that your DevOps organization is being created.

DevOps org — creation

Now, provide a name to your DevOps project, then click the Create project button.

DevOps project name -> Create project

Your project will be created, and you will see the home landing page on Azure DevOps and your respective project.

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